At YoungGates, we approach teaching with a mission to inspire and empower young minds.

Our teaching philosophy combines the joy of learning with hands-on experiences, personalization, and collaborative learning. We believe in the power of coding as a tool for problem-solving and creativity, and our instructors provide continuous feedback and support to nurture every student's unique potential. Through practical projects, real-world relevance, and a fun, engaging atmosphere, we aim to cultivate not only coding skills but also a lifelong love for learning and innovation in the digital age.

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Our core beliefs

Learners are unique

No two learners are the same. As a result, our curriculum gives students choices and avenues for them to showcase their individuality.

Learners want a challenge

Learners are seeking to be challenged, and as a result, our projects are reviewed by professionals in the field to assess for rigor.

Learners think ahead

Learners feel most compelled when their learning is relevant, and as a result, the topics we’ve taken on (computer science, investing, entrepreneurship, etc.) and the design of our projects are rooted in the possibilities of the future.

Learning is hands on

Learners are not spectators, and as a result, our courses are project- and inquiry-based. Regardless of delivery models (1-to-1 instruction or asynchronous learning), our curriculum is designed to put students in the driver seat so they’re learning by doing.

Our Tools

Built-in Code Editor

As our students work through the Computer Science curriculum, they use their personalized code editor to support their learning. Languages supported in the code editor include Python, Java, and C++.

Recording studio

Once students complete their projects, they can use our Recording Studio to record themselves showing off their work. Students can share these videos with their friends and family, or add them to their profiles (which can be sent to colleges!).


As our students collaborate with their instructor to push their math and investing learning, they utilize our whiteboard to show their work, graph equations, and make presentations to showcase their learning.