YoungGates receives positive testimonials from students and parents alike. Our engaging and supportive learning environment, coupled with personalized attention and real-world relevance, has earned us praise for boosting students' confidence, making coding accessible and fun, and instilling a passion for lifelong learning.

With dedicated instructors and a commitment to practical skills, YoungGates is not just teaching coding; we are shaping the future of young minds in the digital age.

Parmeet Kalsi


My 10-year son had a Rubik's Cube session for one week. After that, My son could solve the Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes which was a huge achievement for him. And the teacher was nice, composed and polite with him.



I had an amazing experience at Young Gates! I learned Java and Python from there, and they taught it very well. Overall, I think that the teachers there are very good and that they way in which their classes are organized is very good as well.

Priyaa Somasundaram


My 12yr old son started his Python Programming course with Young Gates and we are glad we made this decision!! The course is well organized and the instructor keeps the kids engaged in the class and very prompt in sending home work assignments! We plan to continue with young gates for the next course as well. Strongly recommend anyone who wants to try an online programming course!! Thank you Young Gates!! :)

Liam Roberts

Math Olympiad - Grade 5

Being a part of OlympiadWorld was an incredible experience. It challenged me to think critically and boosted my confidence!

Vivek Patkal

Math Olympiad - Grade 5

It was a great opportunity to test my knowledge and learn from other talented students. It was both challenging and exciting!