• Website Development

    So you want to learn how to build websites but you're not quite sure how.

    If you want to learn something fast you need to jump in and start getting your hands dirty from the beginning. Have you ever noticed that you don't really learn something until you actually try to do it, and experience it firsthand? Well that's exactly what we'll do in this programme. You'll learn by building your first website this week. And don't worry if HTML and CSS or websites in general intimidate you. Learning to build websites is actually a lot easier than you think.... And I'll be here with you the whole time.

    Through project-based learning and leveraging powerful, free tools that exist online, I will teach you what you need to know in order to create rock star sites fast and not get frustrated trying to learn HTML and CSS FOR-EV-ERRRRR (insert Sandlot voice here) without having a site up to show for it. With this course you will learn to build websites and put them online.


  • Course

    What you will learn

    • CORE FUNDAMENTALS: I'll teach you how to use a text-editor and the fundamentals of HTML and CSS
    • RAPID DEVELOPMENT: Learn to use powerful frameworks and tools such as Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, Google Forms and more..
    • HTML5 & CSS3 to make your site look fresh and new. You'll learn the rules and practices of the newest languages.
    • RESPONSIVE DESIGN: Designing for web is no longer for just your computer or laptop. We'll teach you responsive design so your site looks great on all devices.
    • NO STAKES PRACTICING: how to use browser tools to play around and see live changes on sites so that you can learn faster and explore the HTML and CSS of the best looking websites
    • BEAUTIFUL VISUALS: You'll learn how to include professional style graphics and icons in your site for free
    • ALL TYPES OF CSS AND HTML YOU WILL USE WHEN BUILDING SITES - links, lists, layouts, images, and many others